Local, great tasting!


Our artesian water comes directly from an artesian spring well located on our own property!

Artesian spring water wells in the Kelowna area are very rare. We at Brilliant Springs "got lucky" and were able to tap into a flowing aquifer, where layers of porus rock, sand and gravel become nature's filter.

Our artesian spring has above average static pressure (14"), where such wells are usually around 13", so that we get an extraordinary amount of water per minute. Our Brilliant Springs artesian water contains just the right amount of minerals and trace elements for healthy water and great taste!

When it comes to taste, our customers rave about it! This is because of the great mineral content, which gives it a natural flavour. Several of our customers actually travel for miles to come fill up at our artesian spring well water dispenser - some come from Peachland, Salmon Arm, Falkland and beyond...

We encourage you to research spring water to satisfy yourself that our artesian spring well water produces great quality water and that we are your "got to" place for your water fill-ups in Kelowna.

This customer comes from West Kelowna every week to fill up at our artesian water dispenser - she says it's the only water she will drink!