Great tasting artesian spring U-Fill water!


There are many different types of available water, both in the Kelowna area in particular and North America in general.

Although it has been traditionally "ok" to drink tap water, there is growing concern about health factors involved when consuming water straight from your home's taps. Bottled water has become a billion dollar industry in North America and around the world. Now the issue for people who want to buy bottled water or use water dispensers to fill their containers becomes the decision of what kind of water should they buy.

There are many different water sources available, from city water directly from your tap to bottled water in grocery stores, to water dispensers across the city. Here are just a few notes to compare the various types of water:

  • Distilled Water: This type of water has a high acidic content.

  • Tap water: The City of Kelowna adheres to the guidelines published by Health Canada but many studies show that tap water in North America can still leave a lot of impurities in the water.

  • Reverse Osmosis: most water dispensing machines in Kelowna offer water treated through reverse osmosIs, which is neutral and "dead", because it contains nothing whatsoever. The mechanical process simply strips the water of everything in it, the good, the bad and the ugly!

  • "Pure Water": many people think that "pure water" is great but the fact is that it means that it has been stripped of all beneficial minerals along with any impurities, so your body is missing out on essential natural nutrients.

How good is Brilliant Spring's artesian well water?

Our alkaline level is high, which is a good thing. Not only is our water safe, it contains a lot of natural minerals.

Even the taste is so good that people literally come from miles around to fill up their water containers! This customer comes from West Kelowna every few weeks to fill up her containers because it is the only water she will drink!