Delicious and good for you too!

Artesian Spring Water

Natural spring water has many benefits for consumer health and wellness:

  • helps maintain a healthy body weight
  • helps to properly digest food and absorb the food's nutrients
  • helps produce healthy glowing skin
  • helps decrease muscle and joint inflammation
  • helps detox your body naturally due to all the minerals in the water

The "where" and "why" of artesian water

Mineral water can be either natural or artesian. Artesian water is "alive" and is from a well that taps an aquifer, which is a huge storehouse of mineral spring water.

A brief explanation of aquifers:

  • The right environment for an aquifer is soil that has porous rock, sand and gravel, which are nature's filters, and slate.
  • When tapped, the pressure of the flowing water, commonly called "artesian pressure", pushes the water above the ground level, sometimes to the surface.
  • Artesian spring water wells are extremely rare. We at Brilliant Springs were lucky to hit the artesian spring at a great depth with 14" static pressure, so that we get an extraordinary amount of water per minute.
  • Our Brilliant Springs artesian water contains just the right amount minerals and trace elements for healthy water and great taste!

Image Source: Environment Canada.