Located on Casorso Road, between Benvoulin and Gordon Drive - click here for map

Our Brilliant Springs artesian well water comes directly from our own property, so it is fresh. We have been offering our artesian water through our dispensers for over 8 years and our reputation has spread through word of mouth, bringing us more customers from many different locations.

How good is Brilliant Spring's artesian well water?

Our alkaline level is high, which is a good thing. Not only is our water safe, it contains a lot of natural minerals.

Even the taste is so good that people literally come from miles around to fill up their water containers! Not only do many local Kelowna residents utilize our U-Fill water station, we have many customers coming from areas such as West Kelowna, Peachland, Salmon Arm and Falkland to fill up their containers with our delicious artesian spring well water.

Looking for some comparisons between the different types of water available in the Kelowna area?

Knowing the differences between the different types of water available through water dispensers can help you understand why our artesian well water is so popular! Click here!. We invite you to read more about the comparisons between the different types of available water , so that you will see why filling your water bottles at our facility is a good thing!!!


Our water dispensing machine is available 24-hours-a-day. Please make sure to bring your own clean water containers and that you have the exact change for the size of fillup you want.

  • $ 1.00 - 1 gallon container fillup
  • $ 2.00 - 2 gallon container fillup
  • $ 3.00 - 3 gallon container fillup
  • $ 4.00 - 5 gallon container fillup
  • $14.00 -20 gallon container fillup

Have different sized containers? No problem. Fill up a container, then hit the "pause" button, then switch containers... just keep doing that until whatever size you have paid for has run out!